Bugaloo Bugaboos!

Episode 1 - Firefly, Light My Fire 

"At the end of "Firefly, Light My Fire", when they are trying to teach Sparky how to fly, you can clearly see that Harmony is wearing a white T-shirt underneath his bee costume, not a yellow one like he should be wearing.  The result is, of course, that his sleeves are white instead of yellow, and his costume looks unfinished." - Spotted by  Bill Ung and Jo Ann Montgomery! 

I was just re-watching "Firefly, Light My Fire" and noticed that at the end, when Harmony's sleeves are white, they turn YELLOW for one shot when Harmony says, "That little bligh-er don't need confidence, he needs a parachute" ... then they go back to white for the final "flying into the sunset" shot.  Makes it seem even more strange how the white t-shirt footage got shot/released in the first place. - A double-blooper from Bill Ung!

Episode 2 - The Great Voice Robbery 

Benita Bizzare is wearing her purple outfit throughout the entire first scene in the jukebox, but the brief closeup shot of her connecting Woofer and Tweeter's nose plugs together shows the orange outfit.  This shot was recycled from the previous episode, "Firefly, Light My Fire", where Benita was wearing the orange outfit throughout the whole first jukebox scene of that episode. - Spotted by Denny Pine!

Episode 4 - Courage Come Home 

"It's near the end of the episode, just before Courage regains his memory.  Right after Courage yells "Oh no, you don't!" as the other Bugaloos try to get the stereo zapper from him, Benita Bizarre suddenly
appears on the screen out of thin air and orders Courage/Melvin to zap the others.  Run this scene frame-by-frame, and it appears that Benita was just getting up after being knocked down when she pops up. -Spotted by Denny Pine!
Episode 5 - The Love Bugaloos 

In "The Love Bugaloos," when our heroes are singing "It's New to You," the Bugs are shoulder-to-shoulder when IQ winces into the camera.  Sid & Marty probably figured (correctly in my case) that at least the males in the audience would be focused on Caroline and would ignore the goof.  Actually, my 8-year-old spotted it and made me replay it ad infinitum. -Spotted by Carl! 

Watch the two shots where Harmony says "Oh, come now. Bugs don't get bugs."  In the first shot, the Bugaloos are gathered around Sparky, who is lying unconscious in his hammock. I.Q. is standing at the left of the shot, catching sight of the partially covered Gina Lolawattage poster across the way. Advance to the very next shot (which is a closeup of Harmony), and you can see that I.Q. has been magically transported from the left to the right, removing the leaf covering the poster. - Spotted by Denny Pine! 

How about all those times when the action and the dialog were quiet you could hear the mechanical motors running to make the
Bugaloos wings flutter? And when they had to overdub the dialog to cover the noise, the soundtrack was a bit off such as in episode #5 - The Love Bugaloos", when Joy introduces Gina to the boys. - Spotted by Tami!

Episode 6 - If I Had The Wings Of A Bugaloo 

Immediately following the capture of I.Q., the Bugaloos arrive back from the "Insect Circus."  Watch closely as the Bugaloos drive up in the Bugaloo Buggy.  Joy has her cotton candy tangled in her antennae!  As they come to a stop, you can see her and Harmony giggle about the "sticky situation," and Joy tries to jiggle the stuff off her antennae.  The next shot shows Joy has been rescued from her predicament. - Spotted by myself - PinkButterfly! 

Benita Bizzare is near the coin return slot of her jukebox. In a closeup shot, she is standing with the stereo zapper pointed straight towards the Bugaloos, who have already made their getaway. But in the very next shot, just before being knocked down by Woofer and Tweeter, Benita is bending down to the left, picking the zapper up. - Spotted by Denny Pine! 

If you also look carefully during the scene that Denny mentioned, Benita's zapper is broken near the tip!. Guess it must have broken when Woofer and Tweeter crash into her from the coin return *lol* - Spotted by Craig C.! 

How can we forget the big one in Episode 6 -"If I had the Wings of a
Bugaloo"?  How many times is I.Q.'s arm going to slip in and out of that strap holding him to the operating table. And speaking of those straps, there are two of them while Benita and Funky are getting ready to operate. But when Joy, Courage and Harmony get over to the table to release him, there's only one. The one at his knees is gone! - Spotted by Tami! 

Episode 7 - Lady, You Don't Look Eighty 

I noticed something in the episode, "Lady, You Don't Look Eighty". When the boys are coming out of the bakery with Joy's cake, Courage is walking with a cane! You can see it if you just look at him the whole scene and, for most of the scenes afterwards, you only see him from the side view facing left, or from the waist up.  I know he was hurt in the game at the beginning, but was the cane merely a prop, or was Little John really hurt? -Spotted by Jo Ann Montgomery! 

Actually, I don't know if you would classify this as a blooper or more of a lapse in continuity. Watch Episode #7, "Lady, You Don't Look Eighty" then Episode 8, "Benita the Beautiful." I've decided the episodes are not in the right order. In "Lady.." the boys sing "Older Woman" to Joy as part of her surprise birthday party. In Episode 8 the boys are rehearsing "Older Woman" then abruptly stop when Joy returns from chatting with Gina. Now, if Episode 8 had been Episode 7, then the storyline would have had the element of foreshadowing: the guys preparing for Joy's upcoming party without her knowing about it. Instead, well, it looks like they just can't get enough of playing "Older Woman."  Sheesh! I really need to enliven my day job. - Spotted by Jim!

Episode 8 - Benita the Beautiful 

When the boys and Sparky --Joy and Gina having gone on ahead - are leaving the clearing to go into town, I.Q. and Harmony are in the back seat, with Harmony right behind Courage, who is driving. After they get into town, however, I.Q. is the one right behind Courage. How did I.Q. and Harmony switch places? - Spotted by PinkButterfly and Jo Ann Montgomery!

Also, Benita is a quick-change artist! In the footage of her and Funky in the car, she is wearing her red-orange outfit. But when she arrives in town, she's wearing a yellow outfit. - Spotted by Jo Ann Montgomery! 

During the scenes at the beauty contest, look carefully at Peter Platter's table and you will see that there are TWO Mikes alternately used in the closeup shots with Peter and Magico.  One Mike is the talking one used at the radio station ("Steady stomach, steady") and the other Mike (which appears to be a little taller) does not move or talk at all. - Spotted by Denny Pine!

Episode 11 - On A Clear Day 

Benita, the quick-change artist, is at it again! She is wearing her green outfit when she is in town talking to Peter Platter telling him she will headline his show. When she the car arrives back at her jukebox, she's in the orange outfit. Blooper within a blooper, when Benita goes to put the coin in, it is rejected and comes back out. Look carefully and you can see a hand handing the coin back to her.  When Benita goes inside she's back in the green outfit!  Having her plan in place to host her own rock concert, she dresses in yellow to go back into town and replace Peter's posters with her own. Back at the jukebox she is calling all the groups to invite them to her concert wearing green again.  The next day, as Benita and Funky go to deliver the smog in the forest, she is wearing orange but when she goes right into town to tell Peter the bad news about the smog, back into green! 

Also, when I.Q. and Courage grab the hose to run it over to the jukebox, I.Q. is in front. When the boys arrive at the jukebox, Courage has the front end of the hose. -Spotted by Tami!

Episode 14 - Benita's Double Trouble 

When Peter Platter leaves the radio station to go to his disc jocky convention, he is wearing his skates. When Benita grabs him, he is wearing his skates. When he is tied up in Benita's juke box, he is wearing his skates. When I.Q. rescues him, he is wearing his skates. When he goes down the coin return, he is wearing his skates. When he pops out the coin return...NO SKATES! Where did they go? I guess it's pretty hard to land on skates when shooting down a coin return! 

Speaking of foot wear, I.Q. (as Benita) is wearing those wonderful silver shoes the whole time, except when the lights are out! - Spotted by Tami!

Episode 15 - Circus Time at Benita's 

When Sparky is hypnotized, the four Bugaloos and Mr. Magico are standing around his old circus trunk. As Sparky takes off for Benita's, they try to stop him. We see Courage jump over the trunk then the scene goes to Sparky in the air then back to the Bugaloos and Courage is jumping over the trunk again. - Spotted by Tami!