Bugaloos Trivia

                                                          Did You Know?

(From 1980) - Caroline Ellis trained at the Aida Foster Theatre School and made her first professional appearances at the age of 12 playing Louisa in The Sound of Music at the Palace Theatre, London.  Other stage roles include Kiki in Birds of Paradise, Liza in Peter Pan, and Principal Girl in Humpty Dumpty at Leatherhead.  Caroline's television work includes Jill in Freewheelers for Southern Television.  Her hobby is driving, and her sports include riding, swimming, skating, surfing, and bowling.  Caroline has recently been to Warsaw to record an episode of SherlockHolmes in which she plays the part of Teresa. 

John McIndoe was a roadie for rave teenybopper group the Love Affair.  He also was David Garrick's chauffeur.  

The new "Fab Four" flew on May 15, 1970, to the U.S. to begin shooting The Bugaloos. 

A full-length movie was scheduled to begin shooting in 1971. 

In July 1971, The Bugaloos made #12 on Teen Pinups Top 50 Groups Poll!  But we all know they're #1!! 

The Bugaloos toured San Francisco, Denver, Colorado, Kansas City, Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana, Chicago, Atlanta, Georgia, Cincinnati, and New York to meet fans and promote their album! 

The Bugaloos participated in a carnival in New Orleans, Louisiana, and paraded through town on a float! (*Thank you to John "Courage" Philpott for providing me with this information*)


The Bugaloos worked hard in their spare time with chairmen Jack Lemmon and Rock Hudson on the Christmas Seal campaign and were named National Teen Ambassadors for the 1970 Christmas Seal fund-raising appeal!  It was a job well done; AND - the group's latest single For a Friend was still climbing the charts! 

Wayne "Harmony" Laryea frequently visited the campus of UCLA!  (Anyone get an autograph?!) 

The Bugaloos went to the famed Whisky A-Go-Go to see a very special performance by the Beach Boys! 

John McIndoe sang with a group Sound Painting and Innocent Child

John Philpott was in a band called Truth

At 15 Wayne Laryea wrote an entire half-hour program televisted on BBC. 

The Bugaloos International Fan Club was located at 6311 Yucca St., Hollywood, CA;the same address as The Partridge Family Fan Club. 

The Kroffts started in show business as puppeteers.  Their "Les Poupees de Paris" adult-styled puppet extravaganza played continuously somewhere in the world for eight years.  Les Poupees de Paris went on to become the sensation of the 1963 Seattle World's Fair and played to 200,000 people by the time the Fair closed.  When the New York World's Fair opened in 1964, Les Poupees duplicated its Seattle success and during the second year in 1965 played to jam-packed audiences for 12 performances, 7 days a week. 

The Kroffts formed Krofft Enterprises, Inc. in 1968. 

The Kroffts created designs for the remodeled Queen Mary and re-designed all 131 Barracini candy stores throughout the US. 

Trivia taken from various teen magazines, correspondence, etc.