I first saw The Bugaloos on TV in 1970.  I remember standing in front of  our big console TV mesmerized when the Bugaloos first aired.  I fell in love with Joy and the boys and wanted to BE a Bugaloo.  

I made wings and proceeded to try to fly.  I jumped off the roof of the house, out of a tree, and even rode my bike as fast as I could trying to take off.  Having survived childhood, I never forgot the Bugaloos.  I'm even reliving childhood by owning a costume with  fluttering wings!

Maybe some remember Drew Barrymore's line, "what's a Bugaloo?" from the CD Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits in 1995.  In 1997, I was cruising through the channels, and there were my Bugaloos!  TV Land was again airing the shows.   I immediately  searched the 'Net and found Bill's site.  Tranquility Forest was just getting started and inspired this web site.  My effort has and always will be to preserve the history and memorabilia of The Bugaloos and share with the world. 

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

An amazing, fairy tale story started here...
Newspapers and magazines ran headlines like: 

The big rush to be a Bugaloo has begun! 

Massive search for British musicians to create Bugaloos!  

Search for a British Monkees is on!

Wanted - Teenagers worth £1,000 week!

Mr. Krofft is offering instant fame!

Wanted! Four British Monkees!

The big Bugaloo bug bites Britain!

Bugaloos are all set for instant fame!

Million dollar search for the Bugaloos!

The call went out for a massive search for four musicians to be molded into a star TV group in the style of the Monkees in London.  Auditions were held at London's EMI studios in Manchester Square.  Applicants were narrowed down and our Bugaloos were born!

Several  articles mention the Bugaloos were to have a two year TV contract, five  year recording contract, and a major feature film "already in the bag."  After being chosen, the soon-to-be-Bugaloos left Britain on  flight BA591 at 12 noon to fly to Los Angeles to record and start their  TV series.